ExtremeSearchers35rdJust in time for the upcoming new year, online searcher and consultant Randolph Hock from Online Strategies has updated his Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook.

If you are a beginning Web searcher or need to update your online research skills, look no further and  take advantage of the search techniques and Web resources in the revised edition of this handy book.




At long last, the Librarians’ Internet Index will have a new permanent home in 2010 when it joins forces with the Internet Public Library gateway site to form IPL2. Both librarian-driven Web sites will continue to generate high-quality information for the masses and provide “enhancements designed to give users greater access to the information they need, when they need it.” Cheers to this collaborative venture!

noodletoolsSometimes when it comes to embarking on a research topic, you might not know where to start especially when you’re on the Web.  Most students would dive right into Google.  However, why not give NoodleTools a try?

Rather than groping aimlessly around the Web, you can focus on what exactly you’re trying to find first, and then from there, locate an appropriate search tool to launch your query.  Sometimes part of the research process entails defining your question clearly and then locating those “haystacks” that contain the needles.


Twitter seems to be quite the rage in the blogosphere nowadays.  This past summer, Time magazine featured an article highlighting the benefits of this social software.  The advantages of Twitter lie in its social networking, live searching, and link sharing capabilities–elements that can certainly rival a popular search engine whose name begins with the letter G.

Check out Commoncraft’s latest tutorial on using Twitter search.  With more Web 2.0 tools populating the Internet, it will be interesting to see how to harness the power of these resources to find information a lot faster in ways that general Web search engines cannot.

Launching into Overdrive


On May 4, the San Francisco Public Library will unveil the latest addition to its ever-expanding electronic collection of databases and digital media.  Prepare to explore the Overdrive digital library where you can peruse bestselling e-books, listen to audiobooks, download classic movie clips and TV episodes, and more–all with the power of your library card.   Hook into the library — without even having to step inside one.

Some sad news to share regarding former UC Berkeley Librarian Joe Barker.  He was a great inspiration to many librarians and information professionals, constantly keeping them updated on the latest Web research search strategies and technologies through his Infopeople workshops, not to mention his highly detailed, information-packed handouts.

His Web site “Finding Information on the Internet” continues to serve as an online tutorial for basic and advanced Web searchers alike.  Cheers to the memory of one of the foremost pioneers in online searching and teaching!

Alas, my previous link about San Francisco Public Library’s virtual e-card was too good to be true.   Virtual applicants must still come in person to obtain a full-level access library card–not a bad deal, considering the number of electronic databases library card holders can access.  Also, stay tuned and check back for new offerings from our ever-growing e-media collection.