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On May 4, the San Francisco Public Library will unveil the latest addition to its ever-expanding electronic collection of databases and digital media.  Prepare to explore the Overdrive digital library where you can peruse bestselling e-books, listen to audiobooks, download classic movie clips and TV episodes, and more–all with the power of your library card.   Hook into the library — without even having to step inside one.


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Dissecting Databases


When working in libraries, you will often have opportunities to experiment with trial databases. Sometimes you might not know where to start, what to do, which features to examine, etc. Do you look at the coverage, search options, titles indexed, or what?

The UCLA Library has a handy 2-page document entitled “Dissecting a Database: Teaching Yourself How to Search” on their Databases Tips page. Click on this link to pull up the PDF document and apply these questions the next time you get stuck on what you should examine when test running a potential subscription database.

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When you spend a lot of time conducting online searching, it’s often easy to revert back to basic keyword searching. Suzanne Bell, an economics/data librarian in the Rush Rhees Library Reference Department at the University of Rochester, has an upcoming second edition of her book entitled The Librarian’s Guide to Online Searching.  Although the search strategies discussed apply to subscription databases, some of the techniques can still apply to searching the Web.

You might even want to track down her “Tools Every Searcher Should Know and Use” article published in the September/October 2007 issue of Online Magazine.  Very practical tips to sharpen your search strategies!

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