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Getting Started on Noodletools

noodletoolsSometimes when it comes to embarking on a research topic, you might not know where to start especially when you’re on the Web.  Most students would dive right into Google.  However, why not give NoodleTools a try?

Rather than groping aimlessly around the Web, you can focus on what exactly you’re trying to find first, and then from there, locate an appropriate search tool to launch your query.  Sometimes part of the research process entails defining your question clearly and then locating those “haystacks” that contain the needles.


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Customized Printing

Ever come across a Web site where it’s just packed with banners, ads, and things you wish you could strip out when you the print a hard copy? Check out PrintWhatYouLike. Just enter a URL of the Web page you’d like to manipulate–whether it be deleting a large ad, enlarging text size, or isolating/cropping a section of the page–and like magic, that junk vanishes!

Thanks to Wendy Boswell from About.com for highlighting this nifty Web tool from her Roundup Tools post.

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